Tech-woes leave Noosa mayoral vote in limbo

NOOSANS who thought they had seen the end of the Playford-Abbot era on Saturday have another thing coming.

Retiring mayor Noel Playford has declared he will still be in the job "the week after next" as returning officers struggle with recalcitrant technology and the pressures of a closely contested mayoralty race between Tony Wellington and Sandy Bolton.

Noosa is one of five council contests trialling new vote counting technology this election. The machines were not working Saturday night and the process was proving cumbersome yesterday.

While Mayor Playford is confident Mr Wellington will win, he remained just 369 votes ahead yesterday.


"There are four days to the Easter break from tomorrow (Monday) and the rate they are going there'll be Buckley's chance they can declare the poll this week," Cr Playford said.

"The Returning Officer will work day and night but there is ultimately only so much you can do."

The existing council will continue in caretaker mode until the result is declared and the new council sworn in.

That means Cr Playford and his Deputy Mayor Bob Abbot will retain office for the immediate future.

Cr Playford said regardless of the tightness of the contest trends had been set and barring something totally unexpected happening, Mr Wellington would win.

Who will come out with the top job in Noosa?

This poll ended on 27 March 2016.

Current Results

Tony Wellington.


Sandy Bolton.


It could go either way.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mr Wellington has won nine of the booths counted to Ms Bolton's three. Ray Kelly, the third candidate in the field, has secured just under 5000 votes to date but very few have allocated preferences - in the order of only 10% - and those aren't all going one way to Ms Bolton, as may have been expected.

Counts have still to go up for the councillor positions on the undivided council but observers say Frank Pardon, Frank Wilkie and Joe Jurisevic have been returned. They will be joined by Ingrid Jackson, Brian Stockwell and Jess Glasgow.


  • Tony Wellington: 11,420
  • Sandy Bolton: 11,051
  • Ray Kelly: 4934

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