Motocross thieves belt girl

THIEVES targeting motocross bikes punched a teenage girl in the face when she disturbed them breaking into her family's Rockville property.

Two offenders returned to the Prosser St home on Wednesday night after they failed in their initial attempts to steal two motocross bikes from the same residence on Friday night.

The 19-year-old woman, who did not want to be named, was watching TV with her mother when they heard their shed alarm sounding at 8.15pm.

The pair went outside to investigate and split up to check either side of their property.

One of the offenders was hiding in a shrub.

He jumped out, punched the teenager in the face and fled over a back fence into a neighbouring property.

The young woman was knocked to the ground, which aggravated her broken foot which was in a brace.

"It was scary, I went into a bit of shock because I wasn't expecting it," the teenager said.

She sustained swelling to her face and had a doctor's appointment yesterday to assess her broken foot.

The police dog squad briefly tracked the offenders' scent but they were not located.

The thieves were trying to cut a lock on the shed door, which activated the alarm.

They were unable to break in as the family had installed a heavy-duty lock after the original lock was cut during a break-in on Friday.

On this occasion, the young woman and her boyfriend were watching a movie when they saw torch lights inside the shed at 11pm.

They disturbed the offenders, who fled, leaving behind the 2010 model and 2008 model motocross bikes they were stealing.

The woman believed the criminals had staked out her home, as both offences happened after her father had left. Police told her a large number of motocross bikes had been stolen from Toowoomba residences in the past month.

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