Teens still getting into cars with drunk drivers

SAFE CHOICES: Schoolies at the Gold Coast.
SAFE CHOICES: Schoolies at the Gold Coast.

AS A young Queenslander I know all too well the excitement of attending Schoolies on the Gold Coast.

Although it's been a few years now since I was dropped off in Surfers, I can vividly remember the circus happening around me.

With an eventful week coming up, drink-driving has been at the back of my mind especially after witnessing a mock fatal car crash as a part of RACQ's Docudrama presentation to senior high school students.

I was shocked to find out almost 40% of Queensland teens have admitted to being in a car with a drunk driver. It was even scarier to think 77% also said they have been a passenger in a car when they felt their life was at risk.

I clearly remember my parents sitting me down before I went to Schoolies to discuss how I would get home safely after a late night of celebrations. Their message was simple, but one I'll never forget. Never get in the car with a drunk driver, there is always another way to get home. There are cabs, ridesharing services, public transport or simply walking home with a sober friend or volunteer.

With what can be an anxious week for most parents, it's important to prepare teens and empower them to make safe choices. Schoolies should be a time to remember, not a time you'd rather forget.

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