Third time in court for drugs at just 17 years old

AT 17 years old, Jayden Austin Stevens has already been before the court three times for drug-related offending.

Most recently police attended a North Mackay unit on another matter and spoke with the defendant at the door.

The officers noticed the smell of burnt marijuana.

When Stevens refused to let the officers inside they declared an emergent search, prosecutor Sergeant Kathy Stafford said.

Police found 1.27grams of marijuana in a bowl and a further 96.47 in a clip seal bag as well as a water pipe Stevens said he'd made himself, Sgt Stafford said.

The North Mackay teen pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and utensils.

The offending breached a $450 four-month good behaviour bond Stevens had been placed on for prior drug matters.

Legal Aid Queensland Solicitor Kristie Doyle said while Stevens breached the bond he did attend the drug assessment and education session. The drugs and utensils were for his personal use, Ms Doyle said.

Acting Magistrate Scott Luxton accepted that Stevens fully co-operated with police.

Mr Luxton said there were some "concerning aspects" such as this was Steven's third time in court for drug matters in six months.

He was placed on the good behaviour bond in June, which he had now breached after being found possessing almost 100grams of marijuana, the court was told.

"If that is for your own use... (you're) heading down a path of self destruction," Mr Luxton said.

Stevens was certainly heading down a path of becoming a regular at court, Mr Luxton added.

The teen was convicted and fined $1450. The drugs and utensils were forfeited to be destroyed.

Fast facts

Name: Jayden Austin Stevens

Age: 17

Charges: Possessing dangerous drugs and utensils

Plea: Guilty

Penalty: $1450 fine and convictions recorded

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