SOAPBOX: Thanks bad drivers for the lessons you teach

THANK you one and all out there for contributing so richly to my 16-year-old son's driver education as he winds his way around the road network with his Ls - which really should be WML (wish me luck).

Especially you - the serial tailgater who seemed to follow us around the David Low Way.

You know who you are, the testosterone-driven Bathurst wannabe, Grand Theft Auto junkie in the black Commodore with the fancy purple tyre rims and lack of all respect.

To the lost-looking lady on our first trip out to the industrial estate who did a u-turn directly in our path - love your work.

It opened my son Ben's eyes immediately ... unpredictable brain snappers are not mythical beasts, they are actually out there ... way out there.

To the truck driver who tried to monster his rig right out of the factory driveway because might is ultra right - way to go pal.

And to the well-meaning off-duty policeman, who pulled up beside us as Ben overshot a planned roadside pullover, to advise us it wasn't smart to park on a narrow suburban bend - thanks a million. Did you notice the eight cars you banked up by stopping dead middle of the road?

And to the on-coming old dear who swerved across the double lines like a drunken sailor before correcting, taking five years off our lives - nice stunt.

I just hope Ben never takes that Mad Max ride with the crazy dude who flew by me on the motorway doing 100kmh on the inside of my car.

And thank you Clarkson, Hammond and May for top gearing up my son. At least you guys never fail to give us a laugh.

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