Stroke survivor Chris Kay.
Stroke survivor Chris Kay. Geoff Potter

Chris is thankful for unexpected stroke of luck

FORTY-four-year-old Chris Kay of Doonan probably will never get a definitive answer as to why he suffered a stroke in January this year.

But he is determined to share his experience with others who have felt the same shocking pain.

At the time Chris was 43, an avid surfer and guitar player, a 15-a-day cigarette smoker with perfect blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

For more than 20 years he had full-time employment with Noosa and Sunshine Coast councils. On the day of his stroke he was working for Unitywater as a safety officer when a blood clot in the cortex of his brain sent his life on a different turn.

On Saturday, January 24, just before 6am Chris prepared himself for the short trip from his home to a job at Rene St, Noosaville.

He recalls his eyesight "going sideways".

"It was like I could only see from a 45-degree angle," he said.

He drove to the work site, parked the car and slumped over the steering wheel. Not long after, a workmate found him there.

But it wasn't the Chris he knew. This Chris had slurred speech and half of his face had dropped.

The workmate reacted quickly and took Chris to Noosa Hospital. From there he was transferred via ambulance to Nambour Hospital.

During his one-day stay in hospital, doctors diagnosed a thalamic stroke and set up a recovery program.

"There's not much they can do once you've had the stroke. They check the clot has gone and check your blood pressure and that's about it," Chris said.

But he said the specialist told him of his good luck.

"He said after a stroke like this you should be dead or in a vegetative state," Chris said.

Chris is aiming to build a network of young Queensland stroke survivors, carers, family and friends.

Contact Chris for information by emailing

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