Green scum on a creek in Currimundi
Green scum on a creek in Currimundi Kathy Sundstrom

The Coast creek that is covered in bright green scum

CREEK water normally comes in different shades of brown, but one watering hole has been transformed into green by a bright, frothy scum.

Sara Land, who has lived in Currimundi for more than a decade, noticed the green scum on her early morning walk.

It is covering the water on a creek, about one kilometre from the popular swimming lake and ocean entrance.

Ms Land said she had been advised from the Sunshine Coast Council it was "organic” and had blown in from the ocean.

And while it doesn't smell now, it may start to develop an odour as it breaks down over the next couple of days.

"Apparently it is good for fish though,” Ms Land said.

"As the algae dies, it releases a pigment.”

The Daily has contacted the council for a response, but last time green scum was sighted on the Coast, it was blamed on low rainfall and hot weather.

"Due to a lack of rainfall, warmer weather and good water clarity many of our waterways currently have an increased amount of algae,” a spokeswoman said on October 18.

"This is quite normal for this time of year and we expect the algae to dissipate after our first significant rainfall.”

The Sunshine Coast hasn't received much rain this month, despite the storm activity which caused extensive damage to the Dicky Beach Caravan Park on November 13.

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