The death trap

There have been three road deaths down their range in less than six months.

So it was not surprising more than 40 Tinbeerwah residents gathered at their own black spot at the intersection of Sunrise and Cooroy-Noosa roads on Tuesday.

Their aim was survival – to stop themselves from being the next victims.

“I’m afraid every time I pull out on to Sunrise Road,” said one woman.

Kevin Powell, who lives on the Tinbeerwah Mountain side of the intersection, feels like he’s gambling with his life due to the speed of the traffic and the poor visibility.

“It’s very dangerous. What happens when I pull out to go left (down the range) ... you have to really look hard to the right,” Mr Powell said.

“There are cars coming at 120 (kmh) – I have a Toyota Landcruiser and I have to really tramp it and they come up behind you terribly upset.

“Also you have people just pull up there in the turning lane – it’s a nightmare.”

Fellow local John Hall said the sight distances at the intersection were just too short.

He said there wasn’t the same volume of traffic six or seven years ago, so it hadn’t been a problem.

Residents have turned to their Noosa MP to voice their concerns and Glen Elmes has taken the matter up with Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace.

But Dennis Dunstan, who moved to Tinbeerwah seven years ago, does not want their situation to be a political football.

He and the rest of the gathering just want a solution.

“We’re getting to a point where we are having to go alternative routes down to the school, it’s so dangerous,” Mr Dunstan said.

“I think we’re just fed up with nothing being done about the’s known locally as a death trap.”

Mr Dunstan described the 100kmh speed limit there as “ridiculous”.

“When you get onto the highway at Cooroy it’s 90(kmh).

“It goes from 80 to 100 and they use this as a slingshot to come up the hill.”

“When there’s another death, it will be sooner than later. They’ve got to reduce it and they’ve got to police it. It’s just out of control.”

Suggested solutions, apart from lowering the speed limit, include moving the intersection closer to Cooroy to enhance visibility and reaction times as well as installing better night lighting.

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