RACQ queries practicality of enforcing 1-metre rule

THE RACQ has released a "get the facts" online campaign about the new cycling overtaking laws to educate motorists, with new legislation taking effect today.

The RACQ's move is in response to concerns that the State Government hasn't adequately informed road users about their responsibilities under the new laws.

"We're hopeful the laws will deliver safer outcomes ... but we're concerned that without proper education, we can't expect any serious change in behaviour," RACQ executive manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said

"We've received hundreds of comments from among our 1.2 million members worried about how the laws will affect them."

Mr Spalding said under the new laws, motorists could be fined for failing to keep at least a one-metre passing margin in 60kmh zones and at least 1.5 metres clearance at higher speeds.

"We have expressed our views, along with Bicycle Queensland and the Queensland Police themselves, about the practicalities of enforcing the new laws," Mr Spalding said. "We've always been of the view that the one metre passing rule should be used as an educational tool and not a law.

"We struggle to understand how implementing this law will achieve a safer outcome for cyclists when it doesn't address courtesy or positive road sharing behaviour."

Get the Facts on the one metre cycling laws: www.racq.com/getthefacts.

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