DON’T BANK ON MY BUSINESS: Graham Kruck can’t believe that the Commonwealth bank is going “tellerless”.
DON’T BANK ON MY BUSINESS: Graham Kruck can’t believe that the Commonwealth bank is going “tellerless”. john mccutcheon

Senior warns of boycott as CommBank branch goes tellerless

A SENIOR has warned that the elderly will boycott the Commonwealth Bank's Buderim branch when it moves to introduce a tellerless system.

National Seniors Buderim Branch president Graham Kruck said the large elderly population in Buderim wouldn't take kindly to be serviced by a machine.

"It is horrible," he said.

"I worked with technology until I retired and have been left so far behind I am lost."

He believed seniors would simply "give up and go somewhere else where there are still people in the bank".

A Commonwealth Bank spokeswoman said the Buderim branch was moving to a new address on November 2.

This was "in response to changing customer needs to bank with us at a time and place that suits them".

The new branch, at 72 Burnett Street will "showcase our design and technology", including "24/7 access to deposit taking ATMs, coin deposits and change machines".

Staff would still be available during branch hours to "show our customers how to use the technology".

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Yes, technology is advancing and so should businesses.


No, people will lose their jobs and some elderly will be left confused.


Only if there are still staff working to help out when needed


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Mr Kruck didn't believe seniors would take the change kindly.

"It won't be good, I'm telling you that," he said.

"Quite a big proportion (or seniors), probably at least 50%, don't even have a computer.

"It is already so confusing at shops and if they are like me, they still go to the staffed checkout.

"I do it because I believe people deserve employment."

Mr Kruck said banking was at the "end of the line" .

"For the (cost) of wages they are trying to save, surely for goodness sake they could take some consideration of the people.

"The Commonwealth Bank spokeswoman couldn't advise how many more Sunshine Coast branches would switch to the technology.

"Commonwealth Bank has refurbished a number of branches across Australia," she said.

"There is one other Express branch in Mooloolaba, which converted to this format in May 2014. In terms of whether there will be any more in this region, we continually review our branch locations to ensure we provide great service and convenience to our customers."


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  • Check-ins at airports
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