The ‘secret’ side of Noosa

A village atmosphere, ocean breezes, shady trees and some of the best burgers in town.
A village atmosphere, ocean breezes, shady trees and some of the best burgers in town.

Noosa has many areas and small pockets of charm, every one of them with its own special and independent atmosphere.

Once visitors stretch out from Hastings St and discover the village ambience of Sunshine Beach they become addicted.

You don't find many havens of quaint village charm around the country any more but Sunshine Beach is one of them and it has clung on defiantly to its unique hamlet appeal.

While it comprises a small leafy strip across from a green park which leads to the magnificent ocean, there is much packed into this small and pretty place and you'd be surprised by the number of services available as well as the offerings from the more obvious shops and restaurants.

You can have your coffee roasted while you watch at Sunshine Beach, buy a bottle of rare wine, a surf board, a healthy smoothie, or a unique accessory for your living room.

(You can buy a house too, if you're up for it, the strip has many experienced real estate agents.)

At Adrian J hair salon you can enjoy a make-over, with a style-cut equal to any you might get in the top (and expensive) salons in Melbourne or Sydney.

Adrian J relocated to Sunshine Beach from Melbourne where he looked after A-listers.

He brought his talent to our shire and fortunately fell in love with the Sunshine Beach village and has no intentions of leaving.

Cafes, eateries and high-end restaurants offer everything from fine-dining to fusion excitement, right down to good old-fashioned fish and chips.

Many locals can't start their day without a coffee at Fratellini's, and this vibrant place is one of the few on the Coast that opens all day until late, every day (apart from Christmas Day).

Most small Sunshine business are locally-owned and operated, many by locals who have lived there for decades.

A Sunshine Beach visit makes you take a step back and see things more clearly.

It gives you the feeling you have stepped into another world, one less complicated, more relaxed, a place you may remember from long ago where you knew the shop-keepers and could always count on running into a familiar face in the street.

Sunshine Beach manages that rare thing - to retain its nostalgic mood while being right-up-to-the- minute modern.

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