WATCH: Horsing around on the Bruce Highway

WAS it a mustang dashing through the left lane of the Bruce Highway?

No - it was a real horse, and it was discovered by a Clayton's Towing truck driver galloping along the road in between the Cooroy and Eumundi off-ramps.

Truck driver Kevin came across the 13-year-old thoroughbred while out on a job, and caught the horse bolting down the highway on his dash cam.

"Yesterday Clayton's operator Kevin had to look twice as he came across Mr Ed galloping down the highway at Eumundi," a post on Clayton's Towing Facebook page said.

"Not quite sure what to do, he kept traffic back, advised authorities, allowing Mr Ed to be safely caught by motorists and police up ahead at Cooroy."

Clayton's Towing later found out Mr Ed was a Mrs Ed, and she was lost.

A "good Samaritan" by the name of Corryn McCamley said she was taking care of Mrs Ed for the time being while searching for the owners.

The post received 519 likes and 981 shares, but unfortunately the end of this tail had a bizarre twist.

Clayton's Towing posted on Monday that the owner had taken the horse from Ms McCamley's property while she was out.

"The good Samaritan who had been looking after the runaway horse has called us in tears, saying she feels "absolutely crushed"," a Clayton's Towing Facebook post on Monday said.

"Corryn had the horse in her paddock, spending the last 3 days feeding, washing, organising a chip reader, etc alongside spending many hours trying to track down the owners.

"Allegedly the owner entered her property and took the horse whilst Corryn was away.

"Neighbours pointed Corryn to where the man had headed and when she approached the man to confirm he was actually the owner, he told her to "f*** off" and that he will be contacting the police."

Clayton's Towing then gifted Ms McCamley three nights' accommodation at Bielby's Hideaway, a bed and breakfast in Eudlo, plus a special pamper package.

"This was not the outcome anyone was expecting. Corryn, the thousands of Facebook friends who tried to help (and us here at Clayton's) would just like to say that your time and effort has not gone to waste," the post read.

"We would like to give you 3 nights away at the beautiful The Bielby's Hideaway - Guest House along with a special pamper package.

"We hope you enjoy your retreat for yourself, after your selfless act that really does deserve a thank you, even if it isn't from the owner."

Ms McCamley said she was devastated the owner was so abrupt with her after taking care of his horse for three days.

"I am in tears reading this," she said.

"All I ever set out to do is make sure she was safe. I worked so hard trying to find her owners.

"To come home and my kids crying cause we didn't know what had happened wasn't fair.

"Thank you to Mike Bethany Clayton and the whole team for your support.

"Thank you to everyone who shared the post, you all helped her get home, even though he was (an) ass Mrs Ed is home."

People offered messages of support to Ms McCamley, letting her know she did the right thing.

"I have many horses and could only hope that someone as kind as you would look after one of my horses if they got out," said Amber Perren.

"I am glad Clayton's is looking after you. Thank you for being so kind."

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