We asked readers whether hot cross buns should be in stores so early. Picture: Supplied
We asked readers whether hot cross buns should be in stores so early. Picture: Supplied

The Trump Show finale was more explosive than expected

Watching Washington D.C. descend into utter chaos as anarchy reigned supreme this week was shocking.

But hearing American journalists who have worked as foreign correspondents say the scenes were reminiscent of political upheaval in places like the Middle East really brought home the level of division in a country once revered as the leader of the free world.

The shine has really come off that label.

We thought our leadership spills were embarrassing during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years and the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison sh**show.

But this cataclysm in the United States takes the cake.

The Trump Show finale was more explosive than anyone expected.

Not since the early 1800s has the Capitol Building been stormed and it's embarrassing that it was allowed to happen in 2021.

Joe Biden, who was yesterday certified as the next president of the US, has a mammoth task ahead of him.

The Democrat wins in the Georgia Senate run-offs will give him a helping hand for the next two years but can he undo the damage that's been done in that time?

Unlikely. But let the healing begin.

- Rae Wilson


The buns that divide

The big supermarkets have upset some pundits out there by having the traditional Easter hot cross buns on their shelves since news years day.

The solution to this scenario is quite simple, don't buy them.

Robert Richards, Walkerston


Government inquiry into common sense

More and more banks and insurance companies are moving away from investments in fossil fuels, especially coal, due to climate change impacts.

In fact, all four major Australian banks have signalled they will align their portfolios to a target of net zero emissions by 2050, with most aiming to cease lending to thermal coal companies by 2030.

This is a commonsense move based on economics - banks and insurance companies don't like losing money.

But not everyone seems to share the same common sense.

The financial institution's moves have prompted a backlash from a number of Federal MPs

Just before Christmas, treasurer Josh Frydenberg signed up to a plan put forward by Liberal National MP George Christensen to launch an inquiry to grill financial regulators and banks over plans to pull back on lending or insuring mining projects because of climate change.

It is hard to believe that as the financial world moves away from fossil fuels like coal, we have politicians like Josh Frydenberg, George Christensen, Matt Canavan and many others still promoting new coal mines and even new coal-fired power stations.

Can you imagine anyone actually building a new coal-fired power station at the same time as Australia's newest coal-fired power station, Bluewaters Power Plant in Western Australia, has been deemed worthless by its owners, who have now written off their investment.

Yes, we need an inquiry, not into why the banks won't support coal projects, but into why many of our politicians seemed to have lost their common sense.

Tony Fontes, Airlie Beach


Leave with whatever dignity you have left

In the normal world of Washington politics, this was meant to be basically a day of boring bureaucratic vote counting but someone moved Washington into an alternative world of horror. People attacked the Capitol building, a person was killed, democracy was damaged but will recover, several (ex) Presidents condemned the actions of the MAGA loving crowd whereas one President was banned from Twitter.

In Hong Kong there were riots in the streets, in America there is were riots in the streets.

In Russia, China and North Korea there are narcissistic leaders, in America there are narcissistic leaders. In England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand there are leaders elected in a simple, unchallenged, democratic process, in America there is not.

Can we just turn off the TV, Twitter and just wait till the afternoon of January 21 when the normal world returns?

Dennis Fitzgerald, Box Hill


Sowing divisions for personal gain

Terrorists storming the Capitol Hill in the USA was the direct result of years of hatred, conspiracy theories and lies spread by politicians like Trump.

Instead of promoting understanding, peace and bringing people together, Trump has constantly used his position to sow divisions in society for his personal gain.

Foad Munir, Hamilton

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