Spiderman thief caught in police web

A SPIDERMAN thief has been caught in the police web after scaling buildings in Caloundra. 

A 30-year-old man allegedly climbed holiday and residential buildings as high as the fourth level to steal valuables from units.

The thefts took place between midnight and 4am on Monday in the area of Gay Tce and Maloja Ave at Caloundra.

Phones, iPads, wallets and credit cards were snatched.

The victims, some of them tourists, have been reunited with their stolen goods, but police say it is a timely reminder to lock doors, no matter how high up they are.

Sunshine Coast Criminal Investigation Branch officer in charge Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards said thieves would go to great lengths to make a buck.

"It seems extreme, but this unfortunately is the situation," he said.

"People seem to be a bit complacent about security and they think because they are on a higher level that they won't have a problem, but offenders are willing to take those risks.

"We are alleging that this man climbed on to the balconies between the second and fourth floor where people thought they were safe at night to leave the balcony doors unlocked.

"Being located on higher levels of a building does not offer security. Please be sure to lock your doors and windows when leaving the premises and to do the same at night," Det Snr Sgt Edwards said.

"To the opportunistic thief, it is very hard to pass up an easy target like an unsecured premises.

"A couple of these were when people were home asleep and just left everything on kitchen tables and benches."

Last month Maroochydore police issued a warning through Neighbourhood Watch for residents and tourists to be on the lookout for balcony thieves.

In August last year police warned that sneaky thieves were climbing as high as eight storeys to pocket valuables. Some fearless robbers climbed down from roofs to the top floor balconies.

A case involved an offender scaling down from a roof area to a balcony to steal cash and credit cards.

Safety tips

 Lock your room when leaving the unit and don't forget to also close and lock the sliding balcony door, irrespective of which level you are on

 Items of value should not be left on open display in your room.

When visiting the beach have a member of the family or your group remain with possessions whilst others are swimming.

Do not leave wallets/car keys and other valuable possessions unattended on the beach. You don't know who may be watching.

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