SHOT: Tewantin's Jared Officer drives.
SHOT: Tewantin's Jared Officer drives. Geoff Potter

Thunder stays atop standings after bonus points win

CRICKET: No match escaped the weather in Round Six of SCCA Division 1 fixtures as Caboolture defeated Maroochydore in a shortened match while Glasshouse bettered Gympie and Tewantin-Noosa stayed at the top at Caloundra after Duckworth/Lewis calculations.

Grant Road was inundated early in the day, and Maroochydore's yearly reacquaintance was turned into a 38 overs match, where Snakes' captain Matt Anderson gave the visitors the opportunity to bat first.

The Swans' top order has been underwhelming compared to the dominance shown by last season's finalists, and even in the absence of an injured Matt Parkinson, struggled against John Flew and spinner Anderson, though conditions also proved difficult.

Two caught and bowled dismissals demonstrated that the ball was not coming onto the bat as Adam Thornton and Dan Hall went early, and none of the early list supplied runs nor resistance while Maroochydore slid to 6/58 by the 23rd over. Injured bowler Kev Schultz stepped up again with an unbeaten 31 and promoted 'keeper Laren Dyer added 18 in the Swans' 118 from their shortened spell at the crease.

Caboolture knew the chance for bonus points was high, especially against the visitors' depleted bowling ranks, with Reed Anderson also absent. Shane Newton and new partner Tom Olsen soon let them know that this was no certainty as Glen Batticciotto and Mark McVeigh were moved on by 2/13.

Chris Welsh was his usual tight self, snaring Mark Schubert and Ryan Baker pressing for runs, and it was left to Andy Schablon, joined at 4/73 by Jayden Coffin, to scramble for the target. Coffin's boundary off the second ball of the 31st over brought the win and a bonus point with two deliveries to spare at 4/122. Caboolture now leads the one-day table.

Glasshouse reached 9/181 from an innings reduced earlier to 47 overs, and a list missing Liam Moffett and Jeremy Schultz suffered little as veteran opener Keith Owen stepped in and an irregular Anthony Delforno stepped up with 45. Helped by Hayden Owen's 38, the Rangers' total posed a threat to the home side, especially as dark clouds menaced the afternoon.

The Gold realised that the run rate would decide, so speed was important. Delforno allowed just two runs off the first over of the reply, then Heath Fischer struck a huge blow with the wickets of Dan Shepperson and Lewis Waugh from his first two deliveries.

Fischer's figures were 2/2 from 4 overs as Gympie slumped to 4/27 after 9 overs, and with Jamie Malcolm back for the Rangers after a five-year break, the going got little better. Jarrod Sippel and Josh Brady fell to runouts, the clouds approached and the home side was 6/73 when they left the field for what proved a terminal break. Setting a D/L target of 134 at the same stage, Glasshouse took a bonus point home.

Tewantin picked up bonus points as well in responding to Caloundra's 143 with a breezy 1/125 in a reply shortened by lights problems and ended by rain after 29 overs.

Steven Shaw enjoyed the return to his former club with 62 as the Thunder maintained its winning run after the bye.


Scca Division 1 Round 6 26-11-2016

Caboolture V Maroochydore Grant Road

Maroochydore Innings

Thornton A. ct & b Flew 9

Chaplin J. ct Flew b Connew 19

Hall D. ct & b Schablon 3

Kropp L. ct Book b Connew 6

Stitt C ct Batticciotto b Schablon 15

Welsh C. ct McVeigh b Connew 0

Schultz K. not out 31

Dyer L. ct Connew b Flew 18

Olsen T. st Book b Anderson 9

Thomas N. not out 1

Sundries: 7

Total: 8/118

FOW: 18, 34, 35, 49, 58, 58, 83, 105.

Bowling: Anderson 8-1-26-1, Flew 8-0-25-2, Schablon 8-3-22-2, Connew 7-1-18-3, Batticciotto 7-1-24-0. Overs: 38

Caboolture Innings

Batticciotto G. ct Dyer b Olsen 9

McVeigh M. lbw b Newton 2

Schubert M. lbw b Welsh 12

Baker R. b Welsh 20

Schablon A. not out 44

Coffin J. not out 23

Sundries: 7

Total: 4/122

FOW: 11, 13, 35, 73.

Bowling: Newton 8-1-15-1, Olsen 8-0-39-1, Welsh 8-2-17-2, Thomas 3-0-15-0, Thornton 3.2-0-24-0. Overs: 30.2.

Won By Caboolture (1 bonus point)

Caloundra V Tewantin-noosa

Caloundra Innings

Elmes M. ct Harrison b Poole 4

Hotham H. lbw b Officer 33

Freebody D. ct Harrison b Officer 17

Carlile W. ct & b Rzeszkowski 1

Cummins D. lbw b Rzeszkowski 0

Blades H. lbw b Officer 0

Eastgate l. b Whitworth 22

Elworthy M. ct & b Thomson 20

Freebody N. run out 6

Cockram J. not out 15

Powell N. ct Thomson b Whitworth 1

Sundries: 24

Total: 143

FOW: 11, 46, 47, 56, 63, 70, 119, 127, 131, 143.

Bowling: Poole 8-1-40-1, Thomson 8-1-28-1, Whitworth 5.5-17-2, Officer 8-1-23-3, Rzeszkowski 10-2-35-2. Overs: 39.5

Tewantin-noosa Innings

Shaw S. ct b Cockram 62

Whitworth C not out 39

Rzeszkowski C. not out 11

Sundries: 13

Total: 1/125

FOW: 88,

Bowling: Elworthy 6-0-23-0, Cockram 10-1-41-1, Carlile 4-0-19-0, N.Freebody 7-1-17-0, Powell 2-0-23-1

Overs: 29

Won By Tewantin-noosa (2 bonus points)

Gympie V Glasshouse Albert Park

Glasshouse Innings

Owen K. ct T.Brady b J.Brady 15

Milini B. ct A.Sippel b J.Brady 7

Cahill D. ct T.Brady b Ashton 0

Owen H. ct Shepperson b Ashton 38

Boyce C. run out 23

Pill L. ct Shepperson b A.Sippel 12

Delforno A. ct T.Brady b Ashton 45

Baartz A. ct J.Sippel b Cartwright 13

Fischer H. ct Shepperson b J.Brady 8

Malcolm J. not out 7

Manuel not out 1

Sundries: 12

Total: 9/181

FOW: 22, 23, 23, 77, 97, 149, 156, 164, 179.

Bowling: Ashton 9-2-29-3, J.Brady 9-1-31-3, Brook 3-0-13-0, Cartwright 6-0-31-1, J. Sippel J. 10-0-56-0, Sippel A. 10-3-20-1.

Overs: 47

Gympie Innings

Sippel A. Milini b Delforno 16

Shepperson D. lbe b Fischer 1

Waugh L. ct K.Owen b Fischer 0

Brady T. ct K.Owen b Delforno 8

Sippel J. run out 10

Brady J. run out 5

Ashton T. not out 18

Sorrell B. not out 5

Sundries: 9

Total: 6/73

FOW: 2, 2, 11, 27, 34, 48.

Bowling: Delforno 7-1-29-2, Fischer 10-3-19-2, Cahill 3-0-10-0,

Malcolm 5-0-14-0. Overs: 25

Won By Glasshouse On Duckworth/lewis System (1 Bonus Point)

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