ON THE FRONT FOOT: Chris Whitworth gets forward for Tewantin/Noosa.
ON THE FRONT FOOT: Chris Whitworth gets forward for Tewantin/Noosa. Leeroy Todd

Thunder to lead way into mid-season break

CRICKET: A high-scoring win over Nambour will see Tewantin-Noosa head the SCCA Division 1 ladder at the end of the year regardless of next weekend's final round results.

The Thunder's current rival for top spot, Caboolture, has the bye and can't improve, and no other side can touch, even with a round 8 loss. A 5-1 win-loss record, equalled in 1990-91, Tewantin has given a season start bettered only in 1982-83, carding five wins and a draw.

A kind Read Park pitch gave the home side the opportunity to reach 9/283 against the Cutters, based on a 178 third-wicket partnership from Andrew Kratzmann, who reached his second century for the club with 105, and Alex Bennett, run out on 76.

Nambour would have needed a club record chase to catch the home total, a hope apparently stifled by the early loss of Steve Ledger and Josh Matthews, but Nick Wallace shook off an early chance to put the innings back on track, and with an equally aggressive Ranvir Thiarra, lifted the visitors from 5/93 to 6/201.

But wickets tumbled as the run rate grew, Wallace going for 96 and his partner 58, and though Hayden O'Çonnor and Andy Coughlan slapped a quick 39 between them, the Cutters fell 20 runs short, perhaps ruing a sundry count of 29, compared to eight from the home team.

Caboolture let Glasshouse know once again that the Snakes are never out of a contest, converting a precarious 6/98 after 27 overs to a more defensible 188 with Jack Connew run out off the last ball of the innings. Glen Batticciotto's 46 led as the visitors assembled a score while Anthony Delforno impressed with 4/40.

The Snakes constrict batsmen, and when Matt Andeson bowled his first five overs to concede just three runs, the pressure was evident. The need to force runs at the other end brought John Flew the wickets of Brett Milini at 20 and a scoreless Dan Cahill four balls later.

The charge turned into a grind, and when Liam Moffett fell at 30, the next 21 overs gathered a mere 37 runs while Batticciotto and Andy Schablon tightened the chokehold. Jeremy Schultz batted from the 11th over to the second last ball of the match in the 46th for 55, though he was only surviving while his teammates were picked off.

Anderson returned in the 42nd over to take the final three wickets, aiding Flew's 4/42 reward as the innings closed at a strangled 121.

An unlucky Adam Thornton was caught at 98 while a reshuffled Maroochdore line-up hit 7/239 against Caloundra at Kev Hackney Oval, a total more than sufficient when Reid Anderson stood up in the absence of Shane Newton to take the first three wickets in an eventual 4/26.

Mitchell Elmes was aggressive early, but only Harry Blades helped out with 31 until the vastly experienced Graeme Stewart, on debut for the Lighthouses at 46, shepherded the tail with 27. Chris Welsh was virtually untouchable, returning 1/10 off 10 overs as scoring dried up, with the visitors 9/134 at the finish.



Scca Division 1 Round 7 3-12-2016

Maroochydore V Caloundra Kev Hackney Oval.

Maroochydore Innings

Thornton A. ct Elworthy b Cockram 98

Stitt C ct D. Freebody b Elworthy 20

Peters J. ct Powell b Carlile 21

Hall D. b Cockram 9

Schultz K. b Cockram 3

Flegler G. run out 23

Welsh C. ct Cockram b Carlile 25

Olsen T. not out 4

Smith C. not out 2

Sundries: 34

Total: 7/239

FOW: 38, 119, 155, 164, 192, 155, 164, 232, 232.

Bowling: N.Freebody 10-0-44-0, Carlile 9-0-62-2, Elworthy 10-1-36-1,Powell 4-0-26-0, Swart 7-1-29-0, Cockram 10-1-32-3.

Overs: 50.

Caloundra Innings

Elmes M. ct Flegler b Anderson 22

Freebody D. ct Flegler b Anderson 5

Winen J. lbw b Anderson 4

Blades H. ct Thornton b Ventura 31

Carlile W. ct Thornton b Welsh 9

Cockram J. b Olsen 7

Elworthy M. st Flegler b Ventura 10

Swart M. b Smith 4

Stewart G. lbw b Anderson 27

Freebody N. not out 2

Sundries: 13

Total: 9/134

FOW: 32, 36, 39, 70, 91, 91, 126, 126, 134.

Bowling: Olsen 6-1-21-1, Anderson 8-1-26-4, Schultz 4-0-11-0, Thornton 5-0-18-0, Welsh 10-5-10-1, Ventura 0-0-42-2, Smith 3-0-4-1.

Overs: 46.

Won By Maroochydore ( 1 Bonus Point)

Tewantin-noosa V Nambour Read Park.

Tewantin-noosa Innings

Shaw S. ct Thiarra b O'Connor 2

Whitworth C. ct Matthews b O'Connor 15

Bennett A. run out 76

Kratzmann A. ct Illot b O'Connor 105

Officer J. ct Parsons b Ledger 29

Kristensen A. ct & b Coughlan 5

Rzeszkowski C. ct Thiarra b Ledger 3

Harrison M. ct Illot b Coughlan 7

Poole A. ct Fitzpatrick b Ledger 4

Payton R. not out 8

Thomson M. not out 0

Sundries: 29

Total: 9/283

FOW: 3, 40, 218, 233, 241, 252, 266, 270, 275.

Bowling: Eiby 8-0-40-0, O'Connor 7-0-30-3, Wallace 10-0-33-0, Ilott 10-0-58-0, Coughlan 6-0-53-2, Parsons 4-0-33-0, Ledger 5-0-30-3

Overs: 50.

Nambour Innings

Ledger S. b Whitworth 27

Matthews J. ct Payton b Whitworth 6

Dean T. ct Kratzmann b Thomson 8

Wallace N. ct & b Shaw 96

Parsons S. ct Harrison b Rzeszkowski 7

Fitzpatrick J. ct Thomson b Payton 7

Thiarra R. ct Shaw b Rzeszkowski 58

O'Connor H. b Officer 19

Coughlan A. run out 20

Eiby S. ct & b Thomson 7

Ilott B. not out 0

Sundries: 8

Total: 263

FOW: 28, 34, 48, 59, 93, 201, 219, 255, 262, 263.

Bowling: Poole 10-1-32-0, Thomson 7.1-0-51-2, Whitworth 10-0-32-2, Rzeszkowski 10-0-53-2, Payton 5-0-39-1, Officer 5-0-32-1, Shaw 2-0-21-1.

Overs: 50.

Won By Tewantin-noosa.

Glasshouse V Caboolture Glasshouse

Caboolture Innings

Schubert M. ct Forster b Fischer 1

McVeigh M. lbw b Delforno 10

Baker R. ct Schultz b Malcolm 14

Batticciotto G. ct Forster b Baartz 46

Schablon A. ct Moffett b Baartz 11

Coffin J. ct Owen b Schultz 29

Parkinson M. ct Cahill b Delforno 20

Anderson M. lbw b Delforno 12

Book D. ct Fischer b Delforno 20

Flew J. not out 15

Connew run out 1

Sundries: 14

Total: 188

FOW: 14, 14, 40, 88, 91, 98, 145, 153, 186, 188.

Bowling: Delforno 10-1-40-4, Fischer 10-4-25-1, Malcolm 4-0-32-1, Schultz 7-1-16-1, Baartz 10-2-35-2, Cahill 9-0-36-0. Overs: 50

Glasshouse Innings

Moffett L. ct Anderson b Schablon 12

Milini B. ct Anderson b Flew 8

Cahill D. ct Book b Flew 0

Schutz J. ct Mcveigh b Anderson 55

Owen H. b Connew 15

Forster S. ct Parkinson b Flew 7

Delforno A. ct Flew b Connew 4

Lunt T. ct Book b Flew 0

Baartz A. ct & b Anderson 10

Fischer H. not out 2

Malcolm J. lbw b Anderson 0

Sundries: 8

Total: 121

FOW: 20, 21, 30,67, 81, 87, 88, 115,121, 121.

Bowling: Anderson 7.5-3-13-3, Flew 10-2-42-4, Schablon 10-4-19-1, Batticciotto 8-1-26-0, Connew 10-1-21-0. Overs: 45.5

Won By Caboolture ( 1 Bonus Point)

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