Time for NRL to clear up cloudy obstruction rule


My latest gripe in what just happens to be one of the best starts to the NRL season that I have witnessed is the obstruction rule.

It is such a grey area with what the rule is applying when in some cases it was plainly clear the so called obstruction was 99.9 % not inhibiting the defender, but just like me asking Pink out for a date, so at .1% I am a chance, give me a break!


My old mate Kevin McKenzie certainly has led an exciting life, playing rugby for well over a decade for his homeland Guyana travelling the world playing international rugby sevens interrupted briefly with a stint playing league for the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles(Now Falcons) a few years back.

I see the big guy is lacing up his boots for the Kawana Dolphins which will make a formidable sight as he is a rather large body , imposing in fact (as far as wingers and centres can be that is).

Just on the imposing thing I heard a little story that he was down the coast on holidays and stuck in an elevator between floors for a couple of hours.

The story goes he was trying to pry the doors open to get some fresh air as it was a very small elevator with a very big agitated human in there trying to get out.

I can only imagine what the guy the eventually got him out thought as the doors came open and Big Kev burst out, change of underwear for both parties probably?


A couple of weeks ago I quoted some things out of a 1930 North Coast Rugby League Football Guide that was given to me by Ken Fullerton.

On the inside front page is Special Instructions to Players- All players should go on the field clean and neatly dressed- A player should play the whistle not complain- Don't take notice of the barrackers, play the game- Be sure to pay your insurance fees an accident could happen and you could be the unlucky one- Don't use ungentlemanly language either on or off the field- Don't boost your own playing prowess, leave that to others- Don't be a selfish player; let others help you and help others to win. Remember the team consist of thirteen players, good teamwork scores.

So they were basically saying the same stuff 86 years ago as today with probably the same frustration.


The Undertaker to the Stars Peter Thomas is at it again with a fundraiser for St John's College to send their Netball, Rugby and Soccer teams on a tour of the UK.

This time around is the U Haul Australia Golf Day at Noosa Springs Sunday 5th June with an 8 am shotgun start.

It is an Ambrose event with $100 per player or $360 for a team of four or $500 to sponsor a hole and all inclusive.

Apart from Celeb Pete, the other big news is Brett Ogle will host the day so there should be plenty of laughs plus there is 10k for a hole in one sponsored by Exit Golf.

For bookings ring the school 54415666 or ring old mate 0419668698.

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