Golf pro Peter Heiniger.
Golf pro Peter Heiniger.

HEINIGER TIP: Apply the three Ps

TO IMPROVE in golf you have to apply the same principles to when purchasing property. It's essential that you apply the three P's. In this case it's not position, position, position but practice, practice and practice.

As Gary Player said, the more you practice, the luckier you become. However for practice to be beneficial you must practice the right way. Here are three tips.


1) Have a Goal.With every practice session, you should always stipulate a goal to achieve. That goal might be to achieve a shorter backswing, hit 3 draws in a row with your Driver or hole twenty 1 metre putts in a row. In doing so it will help you focus and give you a sense of success when you achieve it.

2) Practice Under Pressure. When we play golf, you stand on the first tee and feel pressure straight away. Don't worry that's' normal. However you must understand how to react under that pressure. So that's why you must practice under pressure to help you become more relaxed in this situation and understand how to handle it. Things such as practicing against a mate or pretending to play a tough hole on the Range are a great way to bring the course and practice range closer together.

3) Quality Practice. I'm sure you've all heard before that quality practice is better than quantity and it is very true. You don't have to finish hitting the entire bucket of balls. It's important that you practice your way into form. Don't keep going so you eventually practice your way out of from. If the first 10 balls you hit with your 5 iron are perfect, pick up the remaining range balls and do some chipping or putting.

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