Sippy Creek Animal Refuge have lots of cats that need homes.
Sippy Creek Animal Refuge have lots of cats that need homes. Cade Mooney

To save lives: please adopt, don’t shop

LETTER OF THE WEEK: (Reader comment) I highly commend those vets who, alongside the RSPCA (Daily, June 6), are offering microchipping and desexing programs at a reduced price.

This must be a welcome relief to those who are involved in the heartbreaking work of having to "rehome" unwanted pets day in and day out.

But if there is a difference to be made in reducing the number of unwanted pets, it lies in getting to the crux of this matter - within the areas of puppy mills, registered breeders, backyard breeders and the selling of animals in pet stores.

Millions of cats and dogs are euthanised in Australia every year, and until such time as these issues are addressed appropriately to reduce the overpopulation of companion animals, these programs will only just touch the surface.

The government needs to step in and close these horrendous puppy mills. Or better yet, there needs to be a "sole" animal welfare group whose main purpose is to address these pertinent issues, bringing in stricter regulations with regards to registered breeders and the policing of backyard breeders.

But while the government is making money out of our most vulnerable, one can only live in hope.

I'd encourage anyone who is thinking of acquiring a companion: please adopt, don't shop. Their lives depend on it.