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Tom Fletcher reassures fans after rushing baby to hospital

TOM Fletcher rushed his son to hospital on Saturday.

The McFly frontman was quick to reassure fans on Twitter that baby Buzz Michelangelo was doing fine, but took the opportunity to rant about the hospital service he and his wife Giovanna received after the anxious parents were kept waiting in the emergency room for five hours.

The 'Obviously' hitmaker posted on the site: "Today has been eventful. 5hrs in a NHS waiting room with a 9 day old baby. We were "next to be seen" for 3hrs. #CouldHaveWatchedTitanic".

He added: "Buzz is doing fine. He's just cranky at the hospital for not prioritising a newborn over silly accident prone kids with twisted ankles ;)"

Tom was quick to recover from the alarming incident and even shared a selfie this evening of him scoffing a pizza from the hospital.

The new father - whose band has recently teamed up with Busted to form poptastic supergroup McBusted - also joked that being a dad was eerie similar to his life on the road due to the lack of sleep, poor hygiene and abundance of junk food.

He wrote: "Not showered, not shaved, not slept, surviving on fried foods and cake...being a Dad is VERY similar to being in a band."

Tom and Giovanna - who were childhood sweethearts and tied the knot in 2012 - welcomed Buzz into the world two weeks early on March 13, and have been closely documenting their son's progress on social networking sites.

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