TOM Lollback lives with his girlfriend and her parents but he could be feeling a little lonely on Wednesday night.

Tom, 24, is the only New South Wales supporter in a Headland Park household of Queenslanders.

His girlfriend, Brigette Seymour, 22, and her parents, Robyn and Garth, use their numbers to their advantage.

Tom is forced to abide by a strict set of rules when it comes to backing any team from south of the border.

If he wants to wear his New South Wales jersey, he has to watch television downstairs.

And he is only allowed a certain amount of cheering before he is banished to the downstairs TV.

It will only get worse for Tom if the Maroons are victorious on Wednesday night.

"If Queensland wins, Tom has to mow the lawn in Maroons gear," Brigette said.

But Brigette could be left feeling a little blue if New South Wales takes the match.

"If New South Wales wins, I have to do the dishes in his jersey for a week," she said.

The pairing of Origin opposites occurred when Tom, who hails from Moruya, on the New South Wales far south coast, moved to the Sunshine Coast to row surf boats and met Brigette, who also rows.

Over time, they have learned to compromise on their state allegiances.

Tom is also an avid Rabbitohs supporters, while Brigette follows the Broncos, but she agreed to wear a Bunnies jersey - on the condition he go to an AFL game in a Lions jersey.

Garth has given the nod to his daughter's Blue beau but his approval is also conditional. "I can stay with Tom as long as I want to as long as he doesn't go to a game in a New South Wales jersey," she said.

Tom, so far, has been accepting of his fate. "I think he knows that he has to put up or leave," Brigette said.

But she also knows that numbers might not always been on her side.

"I don't know what will happen if we move. Or if we have kids."

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