Vandalism in Newtown, as found on Josh Dickson's car on Sunday morning.
Vandalism in Newtown, as found on Josh Dickson's car on Sunday morning. Contributed

Toowoomba man fuming after ute targetted by vandals

WHAT a sight to wake up to on a Sunday morning - with your ute spray-painted in your own driveway.

That was the scenario for Toowoomba's Josh Dickson, who was left fuming after his vehicle was seemingly singled out in an overnight vandalism case in Newtown.

Mr Dickson said his partner alerted him to the damage yesterday morning, finding black spray paint scrawled over the right side of his car.

"It was just in the driveway. It's a long, dark driveway and it's hard to see at night," he said.

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"We just woke up this morning and the missus found it."

Thankfully for Mr Dickson, the paint came off with some WD-40.

But it still doesn't solve the conundrum - why was he singled out?

"I did a quick sweep of the street, and we actually had a police officer who also checked for us," he said.

"It's a pretty quiet street, not many people actually know that it exists.

"It's a pretty tight little street, like everyone talks but no one knew anything."

Mr Dickson's post on a crime discussion page on Facebook resulted in dozens of comments and shares.

If you witness vandalism cases, you can report them to Police Link on 131 444.


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