Unwinding on a yacht among the Keppel group of islands. Photo Sail Capricornia
Unwinding on a yacht among the Keppel group of islands. Photo Sail Capricornia Sail Capricornia Photo ROK

Top 4 quiet anchorages in the Rockhampton region

THERE are so many little beaches in the Rockhampton region, you can find a secluded one on all but the busiest days. 

Be careful of water depths because there is such a tidal variation many people get caught out and sometimes have to wait until the next high tide before they can depart

The islands are quite small, so knowing the weather forecast will help with the choice of spots on any particular day.

If the weather makes things uncomfortable for the family to travel home you can easily drop them off to the big Keppel Cat and meet them back at the harbour.

The fishing can be exceptional with the bread and butter species like bream and whiting for those fishing the beaches, and there are always coral trout and sweetlip around the headlands for the boaties. 

Take plenty of fuel because there is none available once you leave Rosslyn Bay

Great Keppel has food and souvenir shops as well as a bar, so quenching the thirst or grabbing a feed is no worries.

1 Conical Island

GPS: -23.0464984,150.8807548

How to get there: It's at the north end of the Keppel group.

Why it's great: Pretty beaches and top swimming areas.

Tips: It has a fair anchorage in reasonable weather but can be hard in a blow. 

2 Humpy Island

GPS: -23.2138873,150.97

How to get there: It's just south of Great Keppel Island.

Why it's great: This family-friendly island has conveniences and camping facilities. 

Tips: It does need a decent anchor.

3 Monkey Beach

GPS: -23.1936132,150.9411608

How to get there: It's on the western side of Great Keppel.

Why it's great:  The snorkelling is very good and there is some shelter from easterly winds.

Tips: There is a marked no-anchor zone.

4 Leakes Beach

GPS: -23.1709329,150.9501164

How to get there: On the north end of Great Keppel.

Why it's great:  It is sheltered from the area's predominant southeasterlies and has a nice fishable little creek if the weather turns foul. 

Tips: It can be quite shallow so watch the tides. Take a trip around the corner to beautiful Butterfish Bay.

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