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'Top shelf revivers' hailed by jogger who came to man's aid

THE jogger who raced to the Noosa Boathouse to help save a heart attack victim's life has posted on Noosa News Facebook, just what an amazing team effort it was.

And apart from praising the presence of a defib at the Boathouse and barista Renee Gregory's use of it, Craig Wyman reckons a lot of the credit also must go to the "three fellas” already working to revive him and the attending paramedics.

"The defib initiative is a ripper. Brilliant example of a good idea brought to life by community effort. And it was great that you guys publicised it the other week. Well played,” Craig said.

"By the time I happened to jog by and notice something happening, there were three fellas already attending to the fallen man.

"One administering compressions, with vigour. He seemed to know what he was doing. The others helped.

"They bought him the most critical factor of all: time... as a fourth man was on the phone to the ambulance service, and stayed on the phone to keep them in the loop.”

Craig said by the time he and Renee returned with the defib some 300m away, "the man's colour had changed considerably for the worse”.

"The guys were still doing their best with compressions and air clearing. It turned out one of them was a doctor,” Craig said.

"Renee attached the defib, did compressions, it assessed, charged and finally delivered a shock just as the paramedics calmly stepped out of their vehicle and took over.

"As I saw it, it was their work over the next 10 minutes addressing the airway, delivering oxygen and continuing compression that brought him back.”

He said the whole event "was an eye-opening experience to me: defibs are great, let's have them available and make it known,” he said, but stressed a quick response with CPR is critical.

"Those (first responders) guys were top shelf, and made zero fuss about it,” Craig said.

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