Kahli Morrison doesn’t mind working at bucks parties topless.
Kahli Morrison doesn’t mind working at bucks parties topless. Supplied

Topless waitresses for bucks' parties spill all

TOPLESS, bikini-clad or fully clothed, young women are supplementing their incomes by partying, pocketing up to $150 an hour for waitressing at private events across the country.

Partistaff, a site connecting partygoers with party organisers, is the brainchild of Sydney's Richard Macphillamy.
The service allows event organisers to post jobs for private events including bucks parties, choosing from thousands of applicants selling their profiles using racy photos and sexy smiles.

They are as young as 18 and hail from all over Australia, with many holding down corporate jobs during the week, and servicing parties at night or on the weekends. Others are tourists, the cash allowing the young women to continue their travels in Australia.

Hurstville 25-year-old Kahli Morrison works part time as a cargo project officer and between acting and modelling, also works at a range of parties in her spare time - including topless, bikini and lingerie waitressing.

"My stable income is my office job - that pays my rent and my bills," she said.

"I used to do it fulltime but I wanted more flexibility to get to auditions.

"The jobs are posted on a daily basis and they can be all types of jobs and you just choose if you are interested - they can be $20 an hour up to $150 an hour, and they pay cash in hand.

"It depends on whether they are a new or regular client and it depends on what kind of services the girls will offer - if it's bikini or lingerie, the rates will go up depending on what the girls offer."

She said in warmer months house or boat-based bucks parties were popular, and ones she didn't mind working.

"Boys will be boys - you will get idiots and creeps but I have found most of them to be really nice," Ms Morrison told news.com.au

"I would like to think I am street smart enough to not get into bad situations so if I'm being touched or harassed I give them one chance and I go up to the person who hired me and explain that I feel uncomfortable and they put a stop to it.

"It's boys in their wolf pack, although I've never felt completely uncomfortable where I have felt vulnerable in any manner.

"I don't feel I've been taken out of my comfort zone or been in too much trouble to say I had to leave."

Ms Morrison said some weeks she earns more than if she was working fulltime, and hadn't been judged for her decision to work as a topless waitress.

"To be honest I've felt really comfortable - I like going tothings by myself and being a bit challenged like that, and I like to meet interesting people," she said.

Some of the girls at a boat bucks party.
Some of the girls at a boat bucks party. Supplied

"You also make friends with the people you are working with and you might be cleaning, serving drinks, preparing food - anything you do at a party - and you can have a glass of champagne while you're doing all that.

"It's nothing I wouldn't do at my own party anyway and this is a lifestyle choice that I'm choosing - I have no shame in that."

Pippa Eve, from the UK, has lived in Sydney for the last three years and works for Partistaff on weekends, working as a fulltime event co-ordinator during the week.

"I don't do topless though," the 28-year-old said.

"I have done bucks parties but I just drink and have fun.

"It's just a personal thing - topless isn't my thing to do but each to their own and the girls that do it they have a great time, so fair play to them."

She said most men at parties were respectful to the women serving them.

"You pretty much get paid to go out," Ms Eve said.

"It doesn't feel like work - when I tell my friends back home they can't believe it.

"They always think there's more involved and there genuinely isn't."

Founder Richard Macphillamy said he and a "trust centre" personally vetted men requesting parties, with very few complaints about clients.

"I've deleted jobs and profiles and warned people not to go because I've deemed it's not safe, but mostly there have been no complaints," he said.

"It's like a side gig for them," he said.

"There are a lot of Aussies who have corporate jobs who do party host gigs when they can, and mid week the jobs are filled by travellers which means they get to stay in Australia longer and travel more.

"It's real people, it's authentic.

"You're getting people who enjoy the party and want to have a drink and a good time."

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