Totally hooked: Maintain your reel maintenance

REEL maintenance is a practice that is often forgotten.

But it's not hard to keep your reel in tip-top condition when using it in saltwater.

Whether it be bait fishing or lure casting, the maintenance schedule should remain the same.

So I have come up with three steps to give your favourite fishing reel longevity.

Step 1 or daily maintenance should be completed after fishing for the day. Start by holding your reel in the upwards position,as if it was attached to your rod and you were holding it horizontally.

Before we start, make sure your drag knob and handle are not loose in any way.

Don't be afraid to tighten your drag knob a little as these measures help reduce water intrusion.

Mix up warm soapy water with a non-phosphorus detergent and, using a sponge, start washing the entire reel and don't be afraid to rinse your line well as it's the main part of your reel that's constantly submerged when fishing.

While doing this exercise, ensure you wipe off any salt or bait deposits. Do not use pressurised water at all. Once finished, wind the reel to remove the bulk of the water and then with a dry towel, wipe any remaining water from the reel before setting aside to dry.

Step 2, or regular maintenance, should be done every seven trips or after a week-long fishing adventure.

Using reel oil, place two drops in the bail roller, bail arm and any screws attached to this area.

Secondly, oil the handle and the pivot joint on the handle arm, making sure you work the oil in by moving these parts. Then remove the drag knob and place a thin film of grease to the seal area of the drag knob.

Wipe the main shaft located under the spool with a thin film of grease as well. Do not introduce grease into the drag washers. This will only take about five minutes and is not complicated in any way.

Step 3, or major service, should be down yearly or shorter if the reel is heavily used.

The whole reel is stripped and completely re-oiled and greased. This involves washing all parts in solvent, cleaning bearings which can be tricky as you need to remove the side protective covers and replace them after greasing.

I believe with the amount of parts in reels these days that this should be left to the professionals.

If your reel is still under warranty, refer to your warranty conditions to make sure your warranty is not voided. If unsure or have any questions regarding servicing, feel free to drop in to any of the Davo's stores where we can complete all your reel servicing needs.

Log on to for up to date bar and fishing reports/. Don't forget to drop into Davo's Tackle World in Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember: tight lines and bent spines.

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