Towies take on the Mannequin Challenge

AS IF the job of a tow truck operator wasn't hard enough, the boys from Clayton's Towing took on an extra challenge during a recent training exercise.

The #MannequinChallenge.

The challenge has been taking the internet by storm as groups from sporting teams, to colleagues and music concert crowds, create a kind of living photograph.

From motocross races to scenes in the White House, people are freezing the moment as a video camera walks viewers through the carefully-constructed scenes.

Towies take on the Mannequin Challenge.
Towies take on the Mannequin Challenge. Tessa Mapstone

In this case, the camera takes you thought a simulated crash scene, where a semi-trailer has rolled onto its side, the driver has received a head injury, and countless towies in high-visibility clothing are hauling cutting gear, rigging up chains and putting together to get the mess cleared away.

Mike Clayton said the guys, used to doing things efficiently, nailed it the first time.

"It was hard to keep still but everyone was pretty determined, no time for retakes," he said.

"For a bunch of towies having one attempt they sure pulled off some serious faces in their frozen moment."

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