SPOILSPORT: Not everyone in the Noosa Tri crowd would have left happy thanks to a council parking blitz.
SPOILSPORT: Not everyone in the Noosa Tri crowd would have left happy thanks to a council parking blitz. Warren Lynam

Tri parking blitz opens way for council review

HUNDREDS of visitors in Noosa at the annual Noosa Tri Multi Sport Festival left with an extra memento last weekend - a parking fine from Noosa Council.

Noosa Councillor Jess Glasgow confirmed notices issued overall for Noosa Heads last weekend were up 25 per cent on the average number of infringements handed out.

Cr Glasgow wants to explore options for taking a less hard-line approach after the public parking blitz left those caught off limits in local streets "fuming”.

But he said the bottom line was residents and locals alike had to understand they could not flagrantly flout yellow "no parking” lines on designated streets.

Cr Glasgow said he received more than three dozen email complaints from vehicles owners who had been caught out and fined.

However, he said this was the challenge of putting on an event "when you have 40,000 extra people in town on the weekend”.

"I'm going to raise it as an issue - is there some sort of tolerance next year for this or for other events like this,” Cr Glasgow said.

He said visitors to the triathlon right along the top side of Natasha Ave were booked for illegal parking.

"I understand it's an issue and I'm going to bring it to council for a discussion,” he said.

"But don't come to us and whinge to us about getting an infringement because you parked on the yellow line, because you think it's Noosa Tri.

"There are no off days, just because it is Noosa Tri ... the law is still the law,” he said.

Cr Glasgow he would raise this issue with fellow councillors and senior staff about "treading this delicate line between safety” and people's enjoyment of an event.

"Naturally we're all very lazy, we all want to park as close as we can be.

"Parking up on footpaths and then grandmas having to walk on roads, that's not good for anyone,” Cr Glasgow said.

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