Truck education needed to avoid G-force events

COULD teaching drivers more about the dangers heavy vehicles pose make roads safer?

Road safety experts believe if drivers better understood how dangerous vehicles, like trucks, saw the road they may drive more safely around them.

Speaking at the Australasian Road Safety Conference, Toll Group road transport compliance group manager Sarah Jones said many drivers were not aware of the dangers heavy vehicles posed.

"Until I came into this industry, post getting my drivers' licence, nobody ever sort of sat me down and explained what is meant by 'Do not overtake turning vehicle'," Dr Jones said.

"Or explained that heavier vehicles, by virtue of their mass, they take a longer period of time to slow down and you need to accommodate for that."

She said Toll Group trucks had video recordings of "G force events" - when a driver had to take evasion action - and she had seen the way some people drove around heavy vehicles.

"At the moment there is not sharing the road campaign in any state-based road safety strategy," she said.


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