'Face caved in': Underworld murder trial begins

Accused murderer Shane Anthony Eric Hansen leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court.
Accused murderer Shane Anthony Eric Hansen leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court. Geoff Egan / ARM NEWSDESK

A BUNDABERG man is one of two standing trial over the savage bashing death of a Gold Coast underworld figure known as "Junkie Love".

Shane Anthony Eric Hansen, 36, and former associate Dean Mark Wills, 41, pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to the 2001 murder of Darren John Britza.

Britza, 31, disappeared without a trace in March, 2001 and it wasn't until 2008 that his skeleton was discovered by two fishermen under a bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Crown Prosecutor Michael Cowen told the court Britza was an "unpleasant person" who "operated in the dangerous world of drugs" and met a violent death in a Southport industrial shed.

He said Britza was kicked and dragged along the ground until his face "caved in" before being stabbed, wrapped in a blue tarpaulin and sheets and dumped in a rural area.

He alleged Hansen and Wills left a home at Arundel in a "high state of drama with the intention of causing serious harm" to Britza and that after they had done so, a white Commodore registered to Hansen was set alight.

Defence barrister Angus Edwards, for Wills, told the court it was accepted Britza was killed in the shed and that a car belonging to Hansen was later discovered burnt out but he said it would be up to the jury to decide whether the two men charged were the culprits.

Paul Taylor, a former flatmate of the deceased, told the court Hansen's brother Matthew had "fallen out" with Britza when he slept with his girlfriend "Pepsi".

He said he recalled smoking marijuana and using what he believed to be LSD with friends, including the two accused, on the day Britza disappeared.

He described the pair as being "p***ed off" when they left the home and said Hansen had returned later in the evening and yelled out to his then girlfriend to get him some sheets, which she did.

"He said he had f***ed up and lost the keys to his car," Mr Taylor said

"He (told Matt) his car had to go... it had to be burnt."

Mr Taylor was grilled by the defence over his own criminal history which the court heard included 34 charges of fraud, 22 stealing offences and domestic violence breaches.

He rejected the accusation he was lying about the night Britza died and insisted that while he used drugs that day, he did not experience hallucinations.

The trial continues.


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