Unhappy about a fine? Coast mum proves a letter works

Police officer handing out infringement notice
Police officer handing out infringement notice Nat Bromhead

GOT a fine? It may help to write a letter and complain about it.

Coolum's Sue Murphy was furious after her 19-year-old son, Cody, received a $243 fine for not carrying his driver's licence when he went to pick his younger sister up from school.

The teenager, who was simply doing his mum a favour, had been breathalysed, drug-tested and, when all that came up clear, fined for not having his license on him.

In Queensland, the law states probationary licence holders "have to carry their licence with them at all times".

But Mrs Murphy believed this was taking it too far.

"He would literally have been on a five-minute trip to help him mum out," she said at the time.

She considered challenging the fine in court, but this runs a risk of incurring a court fee.

So Mrs Murphy contacted the police Connectline and asked for advice.

"They said I should go to the local police station wherever the fine was issued from."

Even though Mrs Murphy did this on the day Cody received the fine and was told nothing could be done, she wrote a letter anyway.

Should Cody Murphy's $243 fine been waived?

This poll ended on 18 November 2016.

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Last Thursday she received the good news the fine had been waived.

"The senior police officer sent a letter in the mail saying it had been waved," Mrs Murphy said

That was the start of an excellent day for Mrs Murphy as Cody later that night competed in the World Wakeskating Championships in Mexico.

And the teenager was placed sixth in the world.


AIR TIME: Cody Murphy is among the nation's best wakeboarders.
AIR TIME: Cody Murphy is among the nation's best wakeboarders. Contributed

"Considering these other guys are pros, travelling the world getting paid for this and he's a uni student on the Sunny Coast, riding when he can, he totally smashed it," she posted on Facebook.

"Couldn't be more proud right now."

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