HUNDREDS came together on Friday evening to break the chain of domestic violence towards women.

As part of the global One Billion rising movement, a flash mob performed a dance to Break the Chain by Tena Clark in front of the Noosa Surf Club.

Among the supporters were Noosa councillors and police officers standing with women, men and children, united to end violence against women.

Noosa One Billion Rising co-ordinator Pamela MacQueen said the initiative began following the astounding UN statistic of abuse towards women.

"One in three women will be raped or abused in their lifetime," Ms MacQueen said.

"At the time the population of the Earth was six billion, so that equalled one billion women and girls."

Ms MacQueen said the dance addressed a serious issue in a positive way.

"The dance goes for four minutes. It's so much fun," she said.

"The lyrics take your breath away, they're so inspiring.

"The dance is a positive way to take charge, to change the culture, to stand in solidarity worldwide.

"We're in it together whether we realise it or not."


Polynesian princess Hinemana danced to represent her sisters past and present.

"Domestic violence is a very big part of my culture," Hinemana said.

"The men have been introduced to alcohol, they think that makes it OK to abuse, in some cases kill.

"I dance for all my sisters subjected to violence. I will dance to the day I die to break the chain."

Dancer Little Jo Power has been involved with Noosa's One Billion Rising for a number of years.

She said she danced this year to show her strength with other women.

"It's happened to me - physical and mental abuse, the man standing over the female," Ms Power said.

"The dance, it's all in the surname - power."

Noosa officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Ben Carroll said domestic violence was an issue that didn't discriminate.

"It's across all demographics, people with money have domestic violence problems as do people without. It's everywhere," Sen-Sgt Carroll said.

"(This was) a good opportunity to get involvedwith local people and raise awareness towardsdomestic family violence."

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