Glen and Deb Watson's Sunshine Beach home Azure will feature on the TV series Unreal Estate. Supplied by Channel 9.
Glen and Deb Watson's Sunshine Beach home Azure will feature on the TV series Unreal Estate. Supplied by Channel 9.

Unreal: Sunshine Beach gem kicks off new TV series

SPECTACULAR scenes from a beachfront home at Sunshine Beach kick off the first episode of the new Channel 9 television series, Unreal Estate, which airs next Tuesday night at 8.40pm.

The show looks into the amazing homes of the rich and famous - and it came to Noosa first.

The sparkling blue and white gem, the dream home of Glen and Deb Watson, is perched on a steep hillside to take in stunning ocean views.

It's not the first time Azure has been filmed. Earlier this year it was the set for a Chinese shampoo commercial for cosmetics company L'Oreal.

In the first episode, Unreal Estate takes a look at five of Australia's best beach homes. Three are in Queensland, including Azure at Sunshine Beach.

Comedian Cam Knight has had the enviable task of looking through extravagant homes and meeting their owners.

At each home, Mr Knight was given a brief on the owners but not on the property.

"I didn't see any photographs so that when I would arrive... everything was shot on the fly, so you'd get my natural response to what I'm witnessing,” he said.

"What you see as a viewer when you're watching the show, and what you feel, is probably going to be very similar to how I saw things and how I felt.”

Mr Knight, who co-hosts Unreal Estate with Kate Langbroek, said filming the show was something of a dream job.

"It's the only way you can look inside a rich person's home without getting arrested,” he said.

"Have you ever driven past a massive house and thought 'Who are those people and how did they afford it?'.

"Well this will basically let you know how. We travelled all over Australia. It certainly beats working in an office, that's for sure.”

Mr Knight also visited Haggerstone Island off the coast of far north Queensland, closer to Papua New Guinea than Cairns.

It took him three flights and a boat trip to reach the island.

"(I met) the people who took over the licence of the island in 1983 under the promise of building a resort on it slowly,” he said.

"They raised two kids there and that sort of blew my mind that they could actually do that. I would love to do something like that but logistically I just can't get my head around it.”

Another highlight was a visit to a refurbished castle in Sydney, worth $20 million.

"There's all these sort-of- hidden rooms and there's an opium den for the ladies to sneak off to when they wanted to back in the day,” Mr Knight said.

"(We found) out interesting stuff about history - the men would go off and play billiards and drink cognac and the women would go off and smoke opium,”he said.

For Mr Knight, the hardest part of the show was returning to reality.

"I had to go home to my two-bedroom apartment. I don't have a backyard,” he told Pulse.

"I'm doing this interview in my frigging car cause I've got two kids in a two-bedroom house. I can't have a conversation by phone without one of them yelling at me.”

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