Crs Joe Jurisevic and Sandy Bolton have spent nine months on the job.
Crs Joe Jurisevic and Sandy Bolton have spent nine months on the job. John Mccutcheon

Up to task as a learning curve shapes new councillors

COUNCILLOR Sandy Bolton said she has not been too fazed by stepping up to the plate as one of six new councillors going in to bat with a tough taskmaster like Mayor Noel Playford.

"I haven't found it difficult because a lot of it is related to what I've been doing anyway. It's more about the inability to speak your piece - because you always have to be mindful (of meeting procedure)."

Cr Jurisevic, the other councillor without previous council experience, said "thank goodness" that Mayor Playford is a stickler for following correct protocols.

"We learn the correct procedure - we don't learn bad habits," he said.

Cr Bolton is overseeing an overhaul of the Rural Futures strategy that Noosa has inherited from the Sunshine Coast Council, and is also on the South East Queensland Mayor's Rural Taskforce where "a lot of the things are starting to be put together".

Cr Jurisevic has been the Noosa Clean Up Australia Day coordinator and was the council face of the bulk kerbside collection.

"We've been working with community groups to try and sort homes for some of the new groups and discuss issues with some of the existing groups," Cr Jurisevic said. "We've tried to stay engaged with our community groups."

Cr Bolton said she originally thought there were 284 community groups, but there are actually 480.

"I've been fortunate, to have given a lot of talks. I get a quite diverse range of subject matter, but it's interesting when you go back somewhere and they say 'we haven't seen you for three months'. And you say 'haven't you counted the number of organisations there are'."

Cr Bolton said it was complex, working with State and Federal levels of government "and how they all relate", and the understanding of these partnerships.