AN IPSWICH mother's heart raced with panic as she watched her daughter become trapped under a four wheel drive while walking on a pedestrian crossing at Raceview.

Delwynn Meloury rushed to her nine-year-old daughter Katie-Annette's aid as she was pinned under the engine mount.

In a desperate attempt to save Katie-Annette from further trauma, Ms Meloury ended up under the car wheel.

The family has endured two long years of physical and emotional recovery but their journey is not over yet.

Ms Meloury and Katie-Annette want to use their own experience to remind other drivers about the potential impact of their actions.

More than 220 people have been killed in traffic crashes on Queensland roads this year, according to statistics released by Queensland Police on Thursday, and Ms Meloury said she was lucky her daughter was not one of them.

Since Friday, another six people have been killed in crashes across the state in Durong, Diddillibah, Peak Crossing, Hervey Bay, Eight Mile Plains and Gladstone. 

Two people were pedestrians struck by a car. One was a truck driver whose vehicle rolled. Two more were motorbike riders.  One driver died on Sunday, the day after his vehicle hit a tree on a rural stretch of road at Durong. 

Delwynn Meloury and her daughter Katie - Annette Korczak were involved in a car crash in Raceview and are asking that drivers be careful over the Christmas break.
Delwynn Meloury and her daughter Katie - Annette Korczak were involved in a car crash in Raceview and are asking that drivers be careful over the Christmas break. Rob Williams

"Our lives changed in an instant. I thought I had lost her, I thought she was gone. I am lucky to have here today," she said.

"People need to watch where they are going and be careful. Make sure when you're driving don't be texting on your phone, don't drive tired, be alert to pedestrians no matter where they are. They are the important ones out there.

"You're in charge of a motor vehicle, it's not a scooter, they do damage. They can take away lives, they can ruin lives."

She said the family had formed a special bond since the incident.

"It makes me sad in one aspect because we've had to go through this to realise what's precious in life but in the other it's made us stronger as a family. We've got a bond we'll never break," she said.

"Katie has very very high anxiety now, she's very scared around a lot of things. I'm very jumpy and protective when it comes to her and I am more protective of her now. What we went through has made me more aware."

Maurice Blackburn lawyer James Goddard said Ms Meloury and Katie-Annette's experience was a reminder of the impact of potential road trauma during the holiday season.

"In the holiday season we are really urging road users to take extra care, making sure we keep an eye out for our fellow road users too, whether it be other drivers or pedestrians and that way we can have a really safe and enjoyable break with our loved ones," he said.

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