Jamie and Emily Pharro discovering their friend's prank
Jamie and Emily Pharro discovering their friend's prank

VIDEO: Newlyweds' home cops 14,000 post-its

When two newly-weds returned home from their honeymoon, they were looking forward to sitting down and putting their feet up, only to find the sofa and everything else in the house had been covered in Post-it notes.

Paul Stanley decided to play a prank on his friends, Jamie and Emily Pharro, and posted the results to YouTube.

Only the cat managed to escape the covering of more than 14,000 Post-it notes, which carpeted furniture, walls, radiators and even the inside of the washing machine.

The prank took eight hours to complete as the group of friends, who had been given keys to the house in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, to look after their pets, meticulously stuck on the little yellow slips.

Before leaving, they left a hidden camera in the lounge to record the returning bride and groom's reaction.

The stunned couple opened the door to find their living room had gone from a deep lilac to a sea of pastel yellow.

"This is ridiculous!" Mrs Pharro said as she picked paper off her feet. "How much have they spent on bloody Post-it notes?"

The bride and groom were seen wandering the house, discovering the message reading "so sorry" on the television and Post-its on every cup in the kitchen cupboards.

After considering the new additions, they decided the yellow quite suited their home.

"It looks quite nice in yellow, doesn't it? Should we redecorate?" Mrs Pharro said.

Her husband suggested pink Post-its could vary the theme a little.

The pair had known their friends were going to play a prank after they targeted another married couple but did not know they would be the next victims.

Last year, Mr Stanley and six others inflated 3,000 balloons over 14 hours for another two friends returning home.

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