WANTED man Oliver Bridgeman has put on a hip hop demeanor showing his "crib" in Syria in his latest video.

A Federal Police arrest warrant is currently active for the Toowoomba teenager, who is living in the war-torn country.

Since arriving in Syria last year, the teenager has appeared in numerous videos, some of which show him distributing aid and at least two showing him close to Russian airstrikes.

Oliver Bridgeman jokingly flexes his muscles in a warehouse in Syria.
Oliver Bridgeman jokingly flexes his muscles in a warehouse in Syria.

In his latest movie, posted by charity group Live Updates From Syria, Mr Bridgeman shows viewers his "crib" - a slang term used in the hip hop community to refer to a home, and which stems from the Old English word for manger.

Referring to himself as Yusuf, Mr Bridgeman shows a warehouse in an undisclosed location.

"As you can see I've got Arabic right on the front. I like to keep it Arabic because you know... I'm in Syria," he says before struggling to open a steel roller-door.

Inside the warehouse he shows a large pile of strollers, which he said were for his "big Syrian family".

The issuing of the arrest warrant has appeared not to dampen his spirits, with the teenager in a jovial mood, joking about his muscles.

"We've got some fresh ice-tea, what, what - I drink this on a daily basis to keep my muscles nice and big," he said.

His tour of the warehouse includes piles of rice and bran flakes.

Mr Bridgeman then jokes about his "brand new car" which can go "100 miles in 10 seconds"; a toy car.

The Australian Federal Police issued an arrest warrant for Mr Bridgman early this month.

The warrant came shortly after the Federal Government cancelled his passport saying he could potentially engage in politically motivated violence in the future.

Mr Bridgeman's lawyer Alex Jones from Bosscher Lawyers has lodged an appeal against that decision.

Mr Jones said the cancellation left his client in limbo in Syria with no way to return home to Australia.

Mr Bridgeman is suspected of committing offences against Australian laws prohibiting "incursions into foreign countries with the intention of engaging in hostile activities".

That is a breach of Section 119.1 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act (1995).

The warrant means officers have extra powers to intercept Mr Bridgeman and he can be flagged internationally as a wanted person.

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