Video shows young man's narrow miss with express train

SHOCKING footage of a pedestrian narrowly escaping death after darting in front of an express train has been released as  a reminder the dangers of ignoring signs and signals at railway crossings.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the 20-year-old man was lucky to be alive after he pushed through closed pedestrian gates at Cannon Hill station last month and crossed the tracks in front of a train travelling at about 60 km/h.

"This incident could have easily turned into a tragedy as the man was so close the train hit his leg and knocked him to the ground," Mr Emerson said.

"The man was transported to hospital and thankfully escaped serious injury, however it's horrific to think what would have happened to the man if he was a second slower.

"The incident shows how easy it is for a pedestrian to miss the danger of a second oncoming train and taking an unthinkable risk which could have been fatal.

"The pedestrian gates at Cannon Hill were closed at the time of the incident - all it takes to stay safe at railway crossings is to pay attention to the signs and signals."

The man appeared in court and was charged with entering a rail crossing when warning signals were operating, an offence carrying a maximum penalty of $2,200.

Mr Emerson said the Newman Government was committed to doing everything possible to keep people safe on the network, but people need to play their part.

"People of all ages need to be aware that trespassing, taking shortcuts and unsafe behaviour near railway tracks is not a joke," he said.

"It is illegal and it is risky behaviour that endangers not only their lives but also the lives of traincrew and passengers,"
Near misses at railway crossings across the state decreased from 489 to 351 or by nearly 30 per cent since the 'Crosses' campaign was launched in June last year.

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