CAP RESPONSE: Steven Boyd, left, is accustomed to wearing a red and yellow cap in Noosa, not seeing one applied to day trippers.
CAP RESPONSE: Steven Boyd, left, is accustomed to wearing a red and yellow cap in Noosa, not seeing one applied to day trippers. CONTRIBUTED

Visitor cap may not fit all in Noosa says business leader

A NOOSA business leader and lifesaver who watches over packed local beaches said Noosa needs to be welcoming to all visitors.

Noosa CCIQ president Dr Stephen Boyd believes a proposed Noosa Parks Association cap on day trippers could be a retrograde step.

"We need to encourage travellers from a diverse background," Dr Boyd said.

NPA president Michael Gloster said his group will be pursuing a cap on day visits this year as a priority, but has not spelt out how this is to be achieved.

Dr Boyd was concerned about a cap's possible negative impact on the Noosa region.

"With tourism things seem to be going quite well and we just about have our accommodation facilities pretty much packed, so where are going to get any growth if we take these guys (day trippers) out of the equation?" he said.

"You look at the flow-on of the day visitors and our dependence on those Brisbane travellers and how critically important that is.

"Even on the face of it, it (a cap) sounds very protectionist in line with current political agendas."

Dr Boyd said he understood where the NPA was "coming from" on some issues.

"I can see the Parks Association perspective, we don't need things like bridges across to (Noosa) North Shore, we don't need to go along and changing the make-up of what Noosa is."

Dr Boyd said one suggestion of having paid parking for day visitors is already done in certain areas which had some benefit.

"But I guess if I were to have any beef with that, Tourism Noosa's whole tag line is about welcoming to Noosa," he said.

However he said this type of 'cap' publicity would not be helpful to Noosa's image when people already have a certain view of the region.

"I think if you did a proper survey you'd probably find that people generally don't support it, but the loudest ones do," he said.

Dr Boyd said the Noosa Chamber would in general take a stand that "we welcome visitors to Noosa whether they be day travellers or internationals."

Dr Boyd said there was merit in the suggestions of former Noosa councillor Vivien Griffin to adopt a Brisbane Suncorp Stadium style transport approach to move around large crowds in confined spaces.

"She's probably on the money a little bit with how some of those parking arrangements have gone there," he said.

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