Trekkers on the Fraser Island Great Walk.
Trekkers on the Fraser Island Great Walk. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Se

Volunteers to extend Fraser Island's Great Walk by 52km

FRASER Island's three-day Great Walk trail is about to become 52km longer with volunteers due begin work to extend the trail on Sunday.

"This will be the most popular walking track in Australia when it's completed," project overseer John Sinclair said.

Work on the extension and existing trail repairs would hopefully be completed by the end of October, a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesman said.

Fraser Island Defenders and the National Parks Association of Queensland are working together on the project, which has received $25,000 State Governmnet grant to begin work, and is expected to take two to three years for completion.

None of the volunteers working on the project are locals from the Hervey Bay, Maryborough area.

"We would have liked Maryborough and Hervey Bay volunteers to join as they have a stake more than anyone else," Mr Sinclair said.

"It would be good to have locals taking an interest in the greatest single asset in the Fraser Coast."

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