Warning about ATO call scammer

A COAST man wise to the tricks of the scamming trade has warned others of a dodgy ATO impersonation hoax doing the rounds.

Geoff Malone said he was called numerous times from a person with an Eastern accent, stating they were the ATO and he had outstanding tax debts.

After confirming with the real ATO that it was in fact a scam, Mr Malone wished to sound the alarm for others.

"They stated that they were from the Australian Tax Office and that the matter was to do with unpaid tax from previous years," he said.

"The woman said that the call was being recorded and it was a police issue if I did not pay $9000 immediately, or I will be arrested in my home by the Federal Police.

"She asked for my payment by credit card ... the woman became assertively angry when I continued to question her and ask her for email contact and her department."

Mr Malone said the scammer was persistent before she eventually hung up, but not before telling him the police were en route to his home to arrest him for tax fraud.

It's not the first time a scam like this has taken place in recent times on the Coast.

Two Coast women were recently swindled out of more than $100,000 between them via a similar scam, one, an unsuspecting 68-year-old Golden Beach grandmother, handed over $17,000 via the telephone scam, while the other, a 58-year-old, was taken for $85,000, earlier this month.

For more information about the recent scams head to or

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