PLASTIC WAR: Liam Previti, 13, with mum Michelle. Liam has organised a clean-up for Peregian Beach.
PLASTIC WAR: Liam Previti, 13, with mum Michelle. Liam has organised a clean-up for Peregian Beach. John McCutcheon

Waste warrior's mission to keep beaches clean

PEREGIAN'S own rubbish warrior is holding his fourth beach clean-up this Sunday.

Liam Previti, 13, is passionate about marine wildlife and the environment and has encouraged locals to participate in picking up rubbish along Peregian's southern beach.

"I decided to do this so we could get rid of plastic and save marine life and the environment,” Liam said.

"We pick up a lot of cigarette butts, plastic bottle lids and beer bottles.”

Liam's mother Michelle said the focus of this weekend's clean will be micro-plastics.

"There are a lot of micro-plastics around the crab holes... and these don't break down so it stays in the ecosystem for a long time,” Ms Previti said.

"We will have gloves and bags provided but there is so much micro-plastic on the beach so if anyone has a sieve that would be great as it is almost impossible to find and pick up.”

All rubbish is weighed and recorded for data and previous clean-ups have seen an estimated 45kg of waste collected.

As a Plastic Free Noosa junior ambassador and member of Coolum and North Shore Coast Care's Eco Discoveries, Liam is helping drive a change in attitude towards rubbish.

Ms Previti said the Eco Discoveries is a great platform for Liam to teach other children.

"He has learnt so much and he is empowering the other children as well,” Ms Previti said.

While coastal areas from Coolum to Mudjimba see regular clean-ups through Coolum Coast Care and a Sunshine Coast Regional Council initiative Enviro Com, beaches north of Peregian see less community attention.

"Castaway's and Sunshine get missed,” Ms Previti said.

"We are at Peregian so I don't go up there but I think it is something that gets overlooked.

"We need other people to get involved and take ownership of their beach. It doesn't take long.”

The clean-up will take place from Victory Park at 9am, weather permitting.

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