WATCH: How the Coast's best body prepares for a competition


BODYBUILDER Jay Acharya needs more than 240g of protein every day to prepare for a competition - not an easy task when you're a vegetarian.

But when you're as determined as Jay is to succeed in the world of professional bodybuilding, a strict diet and training regime is second nature.

The 26-year-old recently earned his professional card winning a physique section at the Australian Fitness Expo in Brisbane.

Now he has the chance to mix it with the world's best, and win big prizemoney along the way.


How do you maintain your diet?

"It does vary from person to person but my protein stays extremely high - usually 220-240g of protein (per day). Carbohydrates are quite low, especially during the final stages. I have got down to 30g of carbs before, which is a piece of bread."

What do you eat to get that much protein?

"I'm a vegetarian so I'd roughly have 45-50 egg whites per day. It is a lot of eggs."

How did you earn the professional card?

"You need to come first place in an open men's division. There's no real height or weight category. You're up against anyone and everyone. Winning basically gives you an invitation to go to a pro-qualifier event. If you place in the top two, you'll earn a pro card."

What are the judges looking for?

"You have to have that healthy, fit look. They want people who are well balanced, have good symmetry and good posing as well."

How did it feel to win?

"It was amazing because it was the target we've been going for since the start of the year. We attained the goal we wanted. There's nothing better than hitting your targets."

Jay, also a budding actor, has performed in a number of Bollywood movies and television shows.

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