Barry Cotterell and locals are wary of planned Essence of Peregian proposed changes.
Barry Cotterell and locals are wary of planned Essence of Peregian proposed changes. FILE

Fears for Peregian's essence

IT IS a hard sell, but councillor Russell Green is trying to convince a sceptical Peregian Beach community watchdog that the latest changes to the Essence of Peregian development are minor.

He agreed to address the concerns of Peregian Beach Community Association last Sunday morning at its monthly meeting about the caravan park redevelopment, which members are convinced will forever alter the character of their beachside village.

PBCA spokesman Barry Cotterell is not buying the line that changes to the proposed commercial and resort complex with "30 beach shacks and 32 three-bedroom apartments" will not impact on the local amenity.

"We believe that this is grossly unfair on the community. It (the development company) has been given an approval and now it is seeking to change things but keep the approval," Mr Cotterell said.

"IT is basically saying it wants two bites of the cherry."

But developer Tony Scanlon said on Friday he was simply working with the council for lawful changes to an existing approval and he would not be adding one square centimetre of extra ground-floor area to the development.

Mr Scanlon said Essence would be a major boost to Peregian, with 300 jobs created in construction and 20 to 25 positions as part of the complex.

"The site there is 23,000sq  m and I've donated 8000sq  m back to the council for the benefit of the local community in the first stage of development," he said.

"All we are doing here is adding extra balconies on the front (of Essence) to enhance people's stays. We are also creating more carparks."

Mr Scanlon said the major change was the staging of the development, with the commercial component hopefully getting under way in the first six months of the year and the residential sections to follow.

He said the staging was because of the tough economic climate.

Last week Cr Green told the Noosa News that the staging of the development held no real concerns for the council.

More than 7000sq  m - or about a third of the site - will be dedicated open space, offering a green buffer to the adjoining Noosa National Park.

Cr Green said the other variations to the development included the proposal to allow outdoor dining in the restaurant and a variation in operating hours to allow for the serving of breakfast.

The councillor said the council's planners had looked closely at the changes and believed they were minor in nature and not likely to have any significant impact on the residential amenity.

He said any changes agreed to by the council to take to the court come with conditions in place to ensure people were not adversely affected.

Mr Cotterell said the proposal to have outdoor dining, extended food service and balconies would have to create noise issues for residents and should be rejected.

Now that a four-year approval is in place, Scanlon Group is seeking to make changes and the council and company representatives are working their way through these proposals.

This is in preparation for taking the variation applications back to the planning court for a further ruling

The planning court in 2010 ordered that:

"The development must be undertaken and operated in a manner that causes no detrimental impact upon the amenity of the neighbourhood by reason of the creation of excessive noise, lighting nuisance or other emissions."

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