Winning ways of Leslie Webb
Winning ways of Leslie Webb

Webb passing on her KOM winning ways

LESLIE Webb has had the honour of winning the Queen of the Mountain twice in the Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge.

She represented Pomona in New Zealand's sister race in Kawerau.

She's also a Pomona local and knows the mountain race like the back of her hand. Now she's tackling a new challenge, passing on her knowledge to train future champions of the mountain.

"King of the Mountain has given me so much more than just that urge to get out there and train to run the best I can. It has given me some of the best friends who I see outside of race day, train with and compete in other events with,”she said.

"Being a teacher in Pomona, it really is such a special event to our community and I really appreciate all the work that goes on in the back ground organising the event.

"But most of all, when I started running KOM, I really wanted my own kids to be proud of me, run with me and now they are adults and living their own lives, the biggest gift KOM has given to me, is the opportunity to inspire my students and local kids to come and give this trail/mountain running a crack.”

Webb said the Prince and Princess race for younger contenders to be raced up Mt Coorora on Saturday was her special passion and something she brought back from taking part in the sister race in NZ.

"The way those kids all were so connected to their mountain, the cultural ties just moved me.

"I watched them race before my race and I just had to bring that vision to have our own Prince and Princess race back with me.”

She is now the organiser and trainer for the race here.

"Like I always say to them, I am constantly learning, watching other elite runners, my training partners sharing how we approach the run or training tips to improve our strength.

"My hope, my vision for the Prince and Princess race, is that kids from all over the coast come to give our mountain a go, that our Princes and Princesses come up into the main race.”

The Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge is a project of Cooroy Pomona Lions Club. The race takes place Sunday.

For more information head to the website www.kingofthemountain.

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