BIKING BALANCE: These Sunshine Beach school kids learn the skills of safe cycling from Bike On.
BIKING BALANCE: These Sunshine Beach school kids learn the skills of safe cycling from Bike On. Contributed

We've bean cycle smart as learning to ride safe in the bag

LEARNING to look ahead by balancing bean bags on their heads was a novel challenge during one school's cycle safety sessions with the aim of turning out top-class road users.

Instructors from Bike On held hands-on sessions funded by a Department of Transport and Main Roads grant with Year 3 and 4 Sunshine Beach State School pupils and their bikes.

The school found the initiative a resounding success, with the safety-conscious young cyclists declaring they didn't know learning could be so much fun.

Children who had very limited previous experience on bicycles were beaming with the feeling of success by the end of the session.

Key skills taught included how to do a quick take-off response (straight line), cornering, obstacles (log, curb, etc.), braking technique and optimal body positioning.

The sessions also included some road safety simulations including stop and give way signs and props to simulate practising scanning safely for traffic while riding.

Cyclist Ryder said: "The game where we had to put bean bags on our heads was the best.”

Their new knowledge of the A, B, C and D's of bike safety is this: A is for checking the air in your tyres; B is for checking your brakes; C is for checking the chain; and D is for making sure the wheel will point in the right direction.

Year 3 student Ella rated the program fun and said she had learnt to make way for people as well as cars and other cyclists at Give Way signs.

For any students keen to learn more skills, contact Bike On, who run biking programs every school holidays. Email, or phone 54743322.

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No dry in Noosa's generous support

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