This is what you should do when someone is having a seizure

"NOT knowing what to do shouldn't be an excuse."

This was the reaction from a Chronicle reader after people walked past Danny Davis thinking he was drunk when really he was laying in the street in the throes of the onset of an epileptic fit. 

Making his way along Bazaar St in Maryborough, Mr Davis fell three times and, as the seizure took hold, he was unable to ask for assistance.

It wasn't until he fell for a third time on the footpath near Fraser Coast Regional Council workers Peter Stevens and Tony Collings who called for help. 

STORY: Man having epileptic fit 'treated like a drunk'


Christine Hogan: Having lost our only child and daughter to epilepsy I could just never imagine her suffering alone or dying on the street. On many occasions kind people helped her out when she appeared to be staggering in a drunk-like state and I praise the Lord for good samaritan like this. Well done guys...may karma be kind to you both!!

Frank Klesnik: Cases like this illustrate the need to teach an accredited first aid course to all school kids and to make it mandatory for all occupations.

Melissa Klupfel: I stopped and helped a guy who had collapsed and stopped breathing outside Westpac next to the lights about 12 months ago. Rang 000 and followed their instructions (it's not hard to help!!) 

Natalie Adams: This is so sad. It is not hard to call 000 and just support and comfort the person until help arrives. Not knowing what to do should not be an excuse. The experts on the other end of the phone can talk you through what to do. We also shouldn't be making assumptions about whether the person is drunk or not. Drunk or otherwise, all persons should be kept safe from harm or from harming others. ( drink driving etc)

Moira McHugh: It just goes to show how uneducated some people are. Judging others, when all they had to ask was "are you ok?" Given there are approximately 5 types of seizures. Be kind.

Katirina Arnold: That's disgusting..A seizure looks nothing like a drunk person.. Glad the council workers helped him..

Simon Done: My daughter has epilepsy. I would hate to think of this happening to her.

Carissa Lee: Hansen My uncle has epilepsy and cerebral palsy and I would stop to help whoever needed it

Chris Stumer: You need to carry a special card or bracelet that alerts passers-by that you have a medical condition.


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