Members delighted by news.
Members delighted by news. Patrick Woods

Why locals say golf club should reopen as soon as possible

IT WAS the news that delighted a whole community: Peregian Springs' golf course would reopen in December.

Last week it was revealed a Victorian golf course management company, Golf Services Management Pty Ltd, was awarded the right to operate the Peregian Springs Golf Club for five years with an option for a further five years. The course closed mid year after the golf club was forced into administration and then liquidation.

Peregian Springs Residents Association president, Bob Joubert, said members were delighted.

"We are very excited by the news, which is pleasing to the whole community, whether golfers, home owners or residents keen on seeing this wonderful facility being properly used again," he said.


The association understands GSM director, Ian Denny, will focus on getting playing surfaces up to standard and opening the course for golfers before any work on the clubhouse and bar facilities were undertaken.

"We understand Mr Denny's plan for the sequence of opening the facilities, but we urge him to open this excellent community hub as soon as he can to all visitors, not only golfers," Mr Denny said.

"We wish him every success over the next ten years and look forward to meeting him soon to discuss how the PSRA can help him with community engagement".

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