Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, by night
Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, by night Erle Levey

Nudists in Hastings St: It wasn't a willy-nilly decision

NUDISTS have picked trendy Hastings Street as the location for a protest against police crackdowns of nude sunbathing at Alexandra Bay.

And the reason is simple: they blame Noosa police for the cover-up that's being enforced on the nude sun-bathing past-time they've enjoyed for decades.

Australian Sex Party Secretary Robin Bristow said nudists wanted to "send a message to Noosa police change to change its attitude when it comes to activities on A-Bay".

Nudists protest over 'sexist' police raids on Coast beach


Robin Bristow
Robin Bristow Geoff Potter

A total of 11 people, aged between 29 and 79, copped a $243 fine each for bathing naked at Alexandria Bay in early November.

Sunshine Coast District Superintendent Darryl Johnson said police were aware of the use of A-Bay for nude bathing and "continued to show discretion where possible".

However, police would "act upon complaints made by the public of unacceptable behaviour".

"Following specific information, police have been undertaking patrols within National Park for a variety of offences including Wilful Exposure," he said.

Mr Bristow did not believe police had been acting on complaints and others in the area suggested police had "pounced" on unsuspecting nudists from behind the dunes.

"We are not saying police should not do their job," he said.

"But they have a right to practice discretion."

Mr Bristow was hoping for a "good crowd" turnout at the protest from midday on Saturday.

And while the nudists promise to "follow the parameters of the law" in their dress-code, its possible this could see many women turn up naked.

An unusual quirk in Queensland law makes it difficult for police to fine for women for wilful exposure as genitalia has to be visible for it to be illegal.

Australian Sex Party President Mark McGovern is preparing a submission to the Anti-Discrimination Commission in Queensland arguing police mistakenly believe "female genitalis comprise the labia minora only".

Mr Bristow said some women planning to attend the rally wanted to "get something off their chest".

"We will be conducting ourselves within the parameters of the law," he said.

Mr Bristow has already approached Noosa MP, Glen Elmes and gave him a "deadline on Monday" to arrange buses to transport nudists to Poona.

Mr Elmes told the Daily in November nudists should go to Poona as the MP there, Bruce Saunders, had indicated he would welcome them and also said he would pay for the bus trip.

But Mr Elmes told Mr Bristow this was meant as a "tongue-in-cheek comment" and no buses appeared to be forthcoming.

"It's very disappointing, we were very keen to go look at the beaches up north," he said.

"At least that local member is supportive."

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