Why Queen can no longer trust Prince Harry


The Queen has been warned to be careful about what she says to Prince Harry for fear he will leak their conversations.

Prince Harry was at pains to insist he had the utmost respect for his grandmother and that he did not blindside her when it came to Megxit.

But following his bombshell television interview with Oprah Winfrey, royal experts have warned that he cannot be trusted to keep family matters confidential.


And there were fears Prince Harry would name the royal who made the racist comment about "how dark" baby Archie's would be.

Penny Junor, who wrote a biography on Prince Harry, said the royal family should treat any conversation with him as one that might end up being discussed in an interview.

"It's very difficult to trust now, I don't know whether they can trust any phone calls they make to Harry, they could be relayed," Mr Junor told News Corp Australia.

"The trust is now broken."

The Queen released a statement late on Tuesday London time indicating that she would launch an investigation into the racism claims made by Prince Harry.

The "skilfully worded" statement was designed to take the heat out of argument and bring the conversation back behind closed doors.

The Queen has always been close to Prince Harry.
The Queen has always been close to Prince Harry.

The Royal Family did not want to provoke Prince Harry or Meghan into naming the "racist" royal.

"If he is (angry) then I think my attitude would be tough after the devastating things he has said about his family," Ms Junor said.

"The family was very measured in their response. I think Harry got off lightly.

"I don't know what has happened to Harry. Harry is angry, he's changed."

It comes as Prince Philip, 99, remains in hospital, with no further update of when he will be released.

Prince Harry was due to attend his grandfather's 100th birthday celebrations in June and the unveiling of a statue dedicated to his mother in Kensington Gardens on July 1.

Meghan was unlikely to travel because she was due to give birth around that time.

Ms Junor said the bridges were burnt.

"How can he stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with his father after he said he had let him down?" she asked.

"How can he stand next to his brother at the unveiling of the memorial for Diana after letting Meghan blame Kate - to name Kate and denounce her, I just don't know how Harry can.

"I'm not sure everything can be healed with time."


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